About us

AG Consult was setup in July 2006 in response to a growing need within the construction industry for transparency and value for money. In the public sector the move from public to private ownership made this requirement even more important. Our experience in helping achieve this goal goes beyond the date of our incorporation. In that time we have offered various commercial and contract administration services that have been focused on transparency and achieving value for money. 

All our current services are designed to provide clarity, transparency and achieve the best value for money for our clients’. These services include preparing a bill of quantities; advising on construction costs; managing all the commercial aspects of the construction project; valuing and advising on construction claims; as well as risk identification, analysis and management services.

We have experience in all disciplines within the construction industry, so our clients’ can be confident in our ability to understand and deliver on any of their requirements to the highest level of quality and service.


Our mission is to ensure our clients’ achieve their objectives. This is achieved by recruiting highly qualified, experienced and forward thinking professionals, who are passionate about their work and committed to ensuring their clients’ projects are successful.


Our vision is to become the preferred partner for our clients’, based on excellent service through knowledge, experience, mutual understanding and trust.


Clients: We believe in working in partnership with our clients’ so we can offer the best possible service and add value wherever possible.

People: We employ and retain only the most passionate and experienced professionals who provide inspiration to others.

Honesty: We are open and honest and expect the same from our clients’.

Respect: We believe in mutual respect and understanding from our clients’, other stakeholders and the community in which we work.

Environment: We strive to ensure we minimise the impact on the environment in the places we do business and encourage our clients’ to do the same.

Communication: We offer clear, concise and independent advice to all our clients’.

We believe these values to be fundamental in achieving our Vision and this success can be shared with our clients’ and everyone we work with.