Commercial Management

Procurement | Monitoring Works | Change Management | Contract Management | Authorising Payments | Preparation of Final Accounts

We can offer coordination, guidance and technical support throughout the construction project. This can help on deciding the best supplier arrangement required to deliver the project. We can provide guidance and support on the type of contracts to be drafted with the supply chain. We are experienced in administering various forms of contract, agreeing changes to the contract and finalising the accounts with all the construction parties.


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Selecting the most appropriate construction team for your project is essential in ensuring the final product is that which was specified and was achieved within the constraints stipulated. We have the experience and knowledge in assessing the best method of procurement and drafting the most appropriate form of contract to ensure any risks are minimised for our clients’.

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Monitoring Works

Our experience and knowledge throughout the various construction stages of a project helps us to offer a reporting service to our clients’, other project stakeholders and funders. We report on the live status of the project and offer a forecast on the completion of the project in terms of time and cost. We can also offer remediation and mitigation advice to our clients’ to enable deadlines to be met and budgets to be maintained.

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Change Management

Once the construction is underway, the requirements of the client and other stakeholders may change. It’s also possible that the contractor may advise of changes to the original scope of works or timescales to deliver. This could be as a result of contractor oversight or external influences. We can manage this process to confirm changes to time and costs are valued correctly and their implications assessed accurately.

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Contract Management

Whether one or more suppliers are appointed, we have the experience to manage these suppliers to ensure the project objectives are met. This involves administering the contract, monitoring and managing the time, cost and risk aspects of the project. This safeguards the original time and cost plans along with mitigating any unforeseen changes.

Realising the value of the works carried out at any point in time allows for accurate cash flow forecasting and validation. Capturing cost and value issues early in a project can help ensure profitability is achieved. This may involve value engineering, improving productivity or further negotiations with funders, stakeholders and suppliers.

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Authorising Payments

Once work is underway, interim or one-off payments will need to be made to contractors and suppliers. This should be assessed according to the contractual terms and conditions, as well as checking for errors, omissions and additions that may adjust the correct value to be paid. Aside from cash flow issues for the client as well as the supply chain, there are legal requirements on when and how payments should be assessed and paid. It is also prudent to assess payments correctly for works already completed as this will safeguard the financial risks should the project need to be terminated, changed dramatically or a supplier becomes bankrupt.

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Preparation of Final Accounts

Once the project is completed, it is necessary to prepare a final account of all the works, changes and claims during the construction project, this will conclude the commercial aspects of the project. Any claim that each party feels has not been addressed satisfactorily can be challenged through various dispute resolution mechanisms.

Programme and cost information finalised at the end of a project is also very useful for clients and suppliers for future projects.